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About the practice

We provide modern, practical, and customized advice and execution to leading middle-market companies. Whether your business is looking to grow, improve profitability, or generate value towards an exit, Citrin Cooperman’s Strategy & Business Transformation Practice works with you to achieve real results that are customized for your unique goals.


Vision, Strategy & Planning


Winning strategy with executable and realistic initiatives

We have the experience, resources, knowledge, and sophisticated methodologies gained from large consulting firms to help guide you through your business transformation growth. Our complete end-to-end approach, from strategy creation to business transformation, allows us to:


  • Create business strategies and enhanced business operations that can unlock value across numerous platforms, including customers, employees, and the community that you serve
  • Seamlessly combine our experience with your internal teams to drive value to the business – while always positioning the business owner first
  • Focus on execution, allowing you to transform your business and meet your long term goals
  • Collaborate with your team – we are consultants who strive to work naturally and effectively with you to increase efficiency and maximize profit

Strategic Planning

Where do we want to go?
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Execution Strategies

How do we get there?
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Value Planning

How do we create value?


Operations, Talent & Systems


Executable initiatives to start your transformation journey

Business transformation requires out-of-the-box thinking and being open-minded to new ideas in order to assess where you are today while thinking about what your business would look like in the future.

Our ability to guide clients through the process of identifying and driving new value to their business has resulted in several recent success stories. Some specific keys to achieving success include:


  • Being thoughtful: Prioritizing different initiatives and challenges – not everything is top priority. Thinking about value creation and how the business could win through transformation.
  • Understanding capabilities and resources: Knowing whether you have the necessary processes and resources to reach your business strategy and transformation goals is key. Which business challenges are most essential for your transformed business to succeed, and how do they measure up to where you need them to be?
  • Driving value: Being clear in defining the value you will create, how and when you plan to achieve it, and how you will measure progress.
  • Leading by example: Re-focusing your business to embrace change and new ways of delivering value and holding people accountable to help drive success.


    How do we become more efficient, effective, and scalable?


    How do we align the right people in the right places with our common goals?
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    What technology do we need to support our business and our goals?


    When to reach out

    Our team has diverse backgrounds across middle-market companies and can help your business strategy and transformation initiatives through finance, accounting, technology, and business operations.

    Strategic Planning
    • Do you have defined goals – grow slowly, explosive growth, M&A, exit?
    • Are your products and services meeting these goals?
    • Do you have access to the right markets, customers, and brand to meet these goals?
    • Are you aware of your competitors and their strategies?
    Value Planning
    • How much will these improvements cost and how much value can we expect?
    • Where are the highest value opportunities we have today?
    • How should we prioritize all of this work?
    • Do you have the right people in the right places?
    • Do your resources understand the big picture?
    • Are your resources accountable and rewarded for good results?
    • Can you consistently attract, retain, and develop great staff?
    Execution Strategies
    • Do you have the right people in the right places?
    • Are you able to measure progress?
    • What projects do you need to execute?
    • How are we going to execute, who will run the projects, and how will we know we are successful?
    • Are your processes predictable, measurable, and controllable?
    • Are your products and services consistently high quality?
    • Do day-to-day operations require direct involvement of senior staff?
    • Are you efficient with how structured and balanced the work is?
    • Do you have the data we need to measure our business?
    • Does your current technology help control your processes without making it hard to do business?
    • Do you struggle to get systems and vendors to work the right way?
    • Does technology help you innovate and grow or does it make you inflexible?


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    our industries and knowledge

    Focused mainly on business owners and leadership roles, our Strategy and Business Transformation Practice provides the vision and execution roadmap required to create business value and growth across the following industries:


    Financial Services


    High Tech


    Life Sciences


    Professional Services

    Real Estate

    Media & Entertainment

    What You Get

    Advice that is tailored to your specific business and unique needs
    Guidance on how to increase your company’s value
    Perspective on how to build and maintain competitive advantage in your market
    Roadmaps that lay out optimal
    paths for execution
    Momentum to get started
    right now
    The right technology to support your strategy

    Why Citrin Cooperman


    We have the experience of the Fortune 500 but our focus is on the middle market. We understand how the middle market sets priorities and what it takes to execute here.


    We only provide advice we know is realistic for your business, and we will guide you through successful implementation.


    Our background as an accounting firm means we always consider a project’s ROI and impact on company value.

    The Team of advisors 

    We bring diverse backgrounds in Management Consulting to lead your business strategy through finance, accounting, technology, and business operating roles. Our team of analytical thinkers combines strategy through business and finance transformation elements to act as an extension of business owners and leadership roles to help middle market companies create value in the marketplace. 

    Steve Ronan
    Principal, Practice Leader
    Strategy & Business Transformation

    Alan G. Badey
    Managing Partner
    Northeast Region

    Smija Simon
    Strategy & Business Transformation

    Josh Berlin
    Strategy & Business Transformation

    Richard DeRienzo
    Managing Partner
    Advisory Services

    Carlos Catalan
    Strategy & Business Transformation

    Aaron Cohen
    Strategy & Business Transformation

    Heather Spillman
    Strategy & Business Transformation

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